2020 iAwards Winner in the Government sector.

When I transitioned to work at CSIRO Data61, one of my first projects was to take on the front-end development for the grain yield predicting platform, Graincast.

The app was written in Elm, a functional programming language for the web that I grew quite fond of back then.

For the first time, Australian farmers can forecast grain yield at the touch of a button thanks to our new smart phone app, Graincast

Project led by Dr Roger Lawes. Contributors include Roger Butler, Christopher Sharman, Dave Factor, Xavier Ho, Thanh Nguyen Mueller, Joe Pasanen, Heidi Horan, Zvi Hochman, Noboru Ota, Andrew McMiddlin, Owen Harvey, Xinlong Guan, Alex Bunday, and Renzo Alvarado Avanto.